Unofficial Customer Feedback for Microsoft Windows

Welcome to the unofficial UserVoice for Microsoft Windows, including Windows 8. I've set this up to provide the world with a place for users of Windows to feed back to Microsoft what they think need to be changed to make it better.

UserVoice is used by many companies to discover what stuff in a product people think stinks the most and what stuff people want added. Microsoft use this site themselves, for Visual Studio - a programming tool and a triumph of MS software - as well as Windows Phone, but they don't have one for their flagship product.

I believe Windows is on the ropes. I believe Windows has two decades of small problems that have never been addressed and that these thousands of small cuts (and big ones) are now killing it.

And if Microsoft want to come and take this UserVoice from me, I'll happily hand it over, provided they don't close it down!

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